How to Look Like A Model: Tips On Getting Lean & Fit

Being a model can be so hard! Whether you’re a slim, fit, or a plus size model you have to stay in shape. And that can get very difficult, especially not knowing what workout routine to follow or meal plan. You don’t want to look too muscular (unless you are doing fitness modeling), but you do want to look lean and fit. So where should you start? What are some good workouts we can do and meal plans to follow that can help us stay in shape and look lean? Well ladies, you are in luck! At Bella Modeling School, not only are you learning how to pose, how to walk the runway, and how to talk on camera, but you are also learning about self care which includes proper fitness and nutrition. We teach about the right exercises for you and how to reach your goals to look your best! We have expert personal trainers Like Donald Williams (PT at Larry North Fitness) who is amazing at giving us the best advice and best workouts we can do to reach your goals. I have been doing personal training with Donald for about a year now, so if you wonder how I stay in shape, it’s thanks to him for pushing me and giving me the best fitness and nutrition advice. But I am not the only one who gets to sweat, of course we make our Bella students sweat too! We have to keep it Bella in all aspects, You know! Anyways, moving on to the good stuff! How do we stay lean and fit, especially if you are just beginning to work out


Start with getting some Cardio in!


I know, I know, many people hate the word “Cardio” because it means getting sweaty, and doing the same thing for a long, long time. (Or so it feels like it) But don’t worry! I am going to share some of my favorite spots to go for a run, go biking, or even where to go for a hike that will help you enjoy your cardio days.


Most of us have seen the Victoria Secret models, they don’t joke around when it comes to their work outs. Did you think they were just born lucky with that amazing body they have? No way Jose! Cardio is also incorporated into their work outsWe recommend all of our models to do some type of weekly cardio; whether they’re lean, fit and skinny, or overweight, as the cardiovascular system helps them stay lean and fit and get rid of toxins that have stored up. Running or biking are easy ways to get your cardio in. You don’t want to just run everyday, but you do want to run at least twice a week up to 3 miles or 30 minutes 1-2 times a week. If you prefer biking, set a goal of 30-45 minutes, twice a week. These can easily be done at a gym, before or after your main workout, or you can do it all on it’s own and make it fun!  Running or biking at outdoor places like Katy Trail in Uptown Dallas, or White Rock Lake are great places to break out of the gym routine, get some fresh air, and clear your mind. It’s way better than staring at the clock, counting down the miles or time left while running or biking in place. 

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Take A Hike!


A lot of times, I prefer a good hike to get my cardio in. It really depends on the time I have available. When I do have the time, there is a place near my house that I really enjoy going to. It’s easy to decide to either hike, or just run some laps depending on my mood and energy. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano TX is a great place to check out. However, if you strictly want to go for a hike, Cedar Hill State Park is a great place to go for some great trails. Another great thing I enjoy about that park is that is far away from all the city noise, and has a great view of Joe Pool Lake. My top spot to go hiking is a little far outside the Dallas area, but it is absolutely beautiful and a place everyone should go see at least once! The Dinosaur State Park in Glen Rose, TX. It is near a small little town close to my parents house in Granbury, TX. These dinosaur trails make it so much fun to hike there, because not only are you hiking, you are also learning about the history behind the dinosaur tracks, and find a lot of dinosaur footprints. I absolutely love it!  I had one of our Bella Modeling School models, Roxanne Lovern join me on my last trip there. How great is this photo of her? 

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See, there are many ways to stay lean and fit! You can learn more about good work outs, meal plans, and proper workouts for your fitness goals while at Bella Modeling School by Applying Here! Stay tuned for next week, for more workout tips and meal plans that will help you stay lean and fit. Remember ladies to ALWAYS KEEP IT BELLA! And.. RUN RUN RUN!


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