Bella Modeling School Presents Summer Model Workshop

August 11-13

Bella Modeling School Presents Summer Model Workshop

Come and experience what modeling is like and learn from the best! Friday, August 11-Sunday, August 13 for girls ages 9-18. Classes are held from 10am-6pm Friday and Saturday, with a photo shoot scheduled on Sunday!

Learn the basics of posing and runway, Skin care and makeup application, nutrition and fitness, Styling, and Industry overview all from our expert instructors. Not only that, get your Headshot Photo shoot with professional hair and makeup, and recieve 2 edited images.

Surprise guest speakers from the fashion/modeling industry!

Recieve a FREE Bella Modeling School shirt with enrollment!

Any questions contact us at: OR call us at 972-755-9198

Use code keepitbella for $100 off enrollment.


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