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Can I Have More Than One Agency Representing Me?

Can I have more than one agency representing me?

Getting signed to an agency as a model is a very big and exciting step in a models career. This means more modeling opportunities and connections. A lot of models want to hit the ground running and get as much work as possible or go full time which leads them to want to get as much representation as possible. More representation=more opportunities and jobs, right? This is where you have to be careful and slow down to make sure you…

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The Basics Of A Model Bag

There is no doubt the modeling industry, or any industry at that, loves someone who is always prepared. In modeling it is especially important to be prepared with well put together model bag with the necessary items. There is always something missing at photoshoots, fashions shows, casting calls, or whatever event it may be. What if what was missing was in your model bag? Do you have any idea how much everyone in there is going to love you, and will want to…

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Why Models Need Training

models training - bella modeling school

The modeling industry is very competitive, and the more you know about the industry you are entering and the better prepared you are, the higher the chances are you’ll get further in your modeling career. That’s why it is necessary to know your industry well and get…

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How To Travel As A Model

How To Travel as a Model, Bella Modeling School

Interested in getting that worldwide exposure as a model ? Do you know your different markets and how to market to them? Great opportunity lies ahead when you step out into the world. Ever hear the saying, “I have places to go, people to see, and money to make?”…

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Models Breaking The Norm, Could You Be Next?

Bella Modeling School trains YOU in Photo Shoot, Print, Runway and Fashion modeling in the DFW area. Learn how to become a fashion model and become a stylish top model.

Not too long ago, the modeling industry had very strict requirements for models. Being 5’8-5’9 for girls and a size 0-2 was seen as the typical model norm, which meant not too many people fit that standard or models would go to extremes to fit them. Crazy right? But as time has passed, we have started to…

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Can I Become A Model?

Can I Become a Model? That’s a great question! The answer is, it depends on what type of modeling you are wanting to do. There are many different categories in the modeling industry, but what is the difference between them all? What categories do you fall in to, and how do you know what type of modeling…

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How Should I Do My Hair and Makeup When Going To A Casting or Go-See?

So, you have a casting or go-see coming up and want to make sure you do arrive with the right hair and makeup for it.  Let’s keep in mind that casting directors like to see the real you. They like to see the natural you. Not the just rolled out of bed you, they want…

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What Do I Bring With Me To A Model Casting Call?

Bella Modeling School trains YOU in Photo Shoot, Print, Runway and Fashion modeling in the DFW area. Learn how to become a fashion model and become a stylish top model.

A casting call, or go see, is an audition for a model for an upcoming photoshoot, commercial, fashion show, or another project in which a model will be needed. This may be an audition that is either an open casting, meaning anyone that meets the requirements can attend which can mean…

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Tips on Getting the Perfect Model Headshot

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