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Advait Ghuge

Advait Ghuge

Model/actor Advait Ghuge has walked numerous runway shows and shot for many designers and commercial brands including Verizon, Demerara, and New Orleans Fashion Week.  Advait combines his modeling and acting talents through commercial modeling under the philosophy that ‘A model should bring authenticity and presence to every shoot, every runway, and every commercial – and for that, you must fearlessly and unapologetically express the art of expression with the techniques of modeling.’  When he’s not modeling, shooting commercials, or filming, Advait enjoy other creative pursuits such as singing, writing, art, and design. Recently, those pursuits have grown to include instructing at Bella Modeling School.  ‘Theres a lot left unexplained and unknown between the conception of the dream and the fulfillment of it – even more so when that dream is modeling.  Whether it’s male modeling or female modeling, the journey from first introduction to launching a real career is so foreign to most people that it can be discouraging.  That’s why I wanted to work with Bella!  I couldn’t help but get excited by the passion and transparency with which Bella educates and trains each and every student.  I’m looking forward to our students’ growth into the professional models they are becoming.

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