Upcoming Class Start Dates

Bella North McKinney, TX: Core Model Training Program (Male & Female) Start Dates
December 1 4-6pm Saturdays
January 12 12-2pm Saturdays
January 13 12-2pm Sundays
Bella Central Dallas, TX: Core Training Program (Male & Female) Start Dates
November 18 4-6pm Sundays
January 5 12-2pm Saturdays
January 6 2-4pm Sundays

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“I feel like the models that have gone thru the training have become more well rounded people. Bella Modeling School not only teaches you how to model, but trains you to become more confident in the real world. Great job!”
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Ruby Bhandari

Owner & Designer of Silk Threads
“I love that this program offers a safe, professional place for people to start learning and growing in the modeling industry. Estela and her team are top notch experts focused on quality, education, experience, and fun.”

Conrad Alagaban

Bella Men Graduate
“Being a Bella has been and is an amazing experience. I have learned so much about myself and the modeling world. Bella instructors are very knowledgeable and very encouraging. The small class sizes are also very nice and allow for the instructors to focus on each individual.”
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Alexa Segura

Bella Modeling School Graduate
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