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The Basics Of A Model Bag


There is no doubt the modeling industry, or any industry at that, loves someone who is always prepared. In modeling it is especially important to be prepared with well put together model bag with the necessary items. There is always something missing at photoshoots, fashions shows, casting calls, or whatever event it may be. What if what was missing was in your model bag? Do you have any idea how much everyone in there is going to love you, and will want to keep you around! Who doesn’t want to be the hero and save the day! When we have photoshoots with our Bella Modeling School models, I expect them to have a well prepared model bag with them, in case of any emergency. Any casting director, agent, designer, or stylist will want to work with you again, just because they know you are always prepared. There are many things you should have in your model bag at all times, and if you aren’t sure on what that is, here is a list of the basics you should include in your model bag, and why you should put them in there

Model bag

The most important item to begin with is the model bag itself. You want to make sure you get one specific to your modeling so that it is always prepared and you are not misplacing items or scrambling at the last minute. A good model bag should be mid-sized with lots of space and a good strap for carrying. You want to make sure it is always organized so that you are not damaging the items you place in there and that you have it on hand for any last minute bookings or castings.  

Comp Cards & Model Portfolio

Any time you attend a casting, you should bring these items with you. You should make sure to always have plenty of comp card prints, since those are meant to be left with the casting director or client. Make sure to store them properly to avoid any bending or damage to them. If your comp card is bent or damaged, it is seen as unprofessional to bring them, so throw those away! Your model portfolio will help show the client some of what you have done and the different looks you can do. They may ask to see it, so make sure you have it in your model bag in case. 

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It is very important to have different types of undergarments in your model bag because you never know what type of clothes they will have for you at photoshoots, fashion shows, or auditionsYou want to be sure you have a good variety of undergarments in your bag like a regular bra, pushup bra, strapless brano show underwear, thongs, and even a solid colored bathing suit and socks. Stick to neutral colors for your undergarments. You should definitely have some in nude to begin with. Also, just in case the client would like you to wear their bathing suits, be sure you have some panty liners in your bag.


Always have at least 3-6 pairs of shoes. Sometimes its easier to ask before you attend an event what types of shoes you might need, to be able to bring those styles or colors. It is good to have some heels or shoes in neutral colors like black and nude heels and in different styles. A staple heel for models are the nude or black strap sandal heels since they go well with a variety of outfits. 

Hygiene Products

It’s great to have some hygiene products to always assure you look your best. Some items to include are: Lotion in case you get ashy or dry skinmakeup remover or makeup remover wipes in case they want you to remove your makeup , hand sanitizer to make sure to keep yourself safe from all the germs around especially when touching your face, a razor in case you missed an area and need to shave, deodorant, and a toothbrush to make sure you always have good breathe, especially when they are applying your makeup and are at a close distance or after eating.

Makeup Net or Scarf 

The reason you want to have this in your bag, is so that you don’t get makeup on clothing you are changing in or out of, and it allows you to not mess up your hair or makeup once it is done. Designers or stylists will be very unhappy if they ever see a makeup stain in their garments, and could cost you future jobs with them since you damaged their items. This is why you need to keep a scarf in your bag, to put around your face when you get fitted or change clothes during shows and shoots.

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Makeup Kit

You should always carry a small makeup kit should and have a few key items like foundation, blush, concealereyeliner, eyelash curler, mascara, and lip balm. These are essentials that come in handy when touching up or when having to go to a casting. Most of the time, when you are booked for events or a photo shoot, they will have makeup artist there to do your makeup. However, it can happen that either the makeup artist shows up late or is a no show, and you will have to do your own makeup. This is especially important when doing any TFP work in which there is a greater risk of a no show.  It could also be that you are sensitive to certain foundations and wish to use your own. This helps avoid any skin issues or reactions from new foundations if you have sensitive skin. If you know ahead of time that there will be no makeup artist there, make sure you get a concept of the makeup they are going for so that you can bring the necessary makeup needed or arrive camera ready. 

These are only a few basic items that you should have in your model bag, but there many other items that are good to include in your model bag. For example, a small sewing kit, nail kit, snacks, and the list goes on! Having a prepared model bag at all times will make it so much easier to work with you, and will only show how professional you are. It is always better to be prepared than unprepared. If you are a new model and don’t know where to get started in modeling industry, Click Here to Enroll at Bella Modeling School! 

Be prepared and keep everyone happy! Remember to always KEEP IT BELLA! 


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