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Estela Trevizo  a UTA graduate with a Bachelors in Marketing. She has walked in multiple runways, done many commercials, and has been featured in many magazines/publications. She has done modeling for over 10 years now here in Dallas and is currently signed to The Campbell Agency. Not only has she received attention for her modeling work, but also in her movement towards changing the modeling industry for the better through her modeling program. Through her program, she teaches models confidence, knowledge of the industry, and how to take advantage of modeling opportunities without getting taken advantage of. Her experience as a former beauty queen, Miss Texas Latina 2011, helped her find her passion in helping to develop and inspire young ladies to become the best version of themselves and have the confidence to pursue their dreams. She really takes pride in the individual growth she experiences with every one of her students and pushes them to get to their next level. She strives to provide the best modeling program out there by having the best photographers/instructors in Dallas, focusing on every detail of the program, constantly updating the curriculum to be up to date with industry standards and practices.
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