Bella staff taking a photo on the bella backdrop

Bella Modeling School Fall 2020 Graduation Fashion Show

Our Fall 2020 Graduation Fashion Show was an exciting and great time for our students and staff! It was chance to show not only their family and friends what they have been working so hard on, but also show the modeling agencies in attendance that they are ready to get to work! The instructors are very excited to see them on the runway. They have been working with them day in and day out to perfect their modeling skills. We had many great agencies in attendance this year: Wallflower Management, Dragonfly Agency, Alice Laura Models, Inclusion Management, Icon Studios Dallas, J3 Productions, 42 Model Management, & DMG Models. As a result, many agencies reached out to offer contracts to the graduates!

The venue for the Fall 2020 Graduation Fashion Show was gorgeous! The set up for the evening was that of a professional couture fashion show. It was definitely a night to remember for everyone that was there. Gracing the runway were designs from Vivify Boutique and Amauri Uscanga. See the graduation video and runway images below.



Vivify Boutique

Amauri Uscanga

After walking for Vivify Boutique and Amauri Uscanga, the graduates did a final walk in their own all black formal outfit. After their walk, they lined up to receive their printed portfolios and certificates. This was the final step before they walked in to meet and greet the agencies that were very excited and eager to meet them! Click Here to view the graduates final walk and when they received their portfolios!
Photo Booth Fort Worth & DFW Flower Wall also joined us at our Fall 2020 Graduation. They were able to capture those social media memories that we all have to share with our friends. The Roaming Photo Booth takes your event to the next level. It very compact, sleek and the luminous light turns heads. It definitely tied the entire event together!
We were able to see so many pictures and boomerangs captured the night of the event. The branding for each image had our logo; which from there we captured many new followers. We got the entire gallery the following week as well. Click Here to view the images captured by Photo Booth Fort Worth that evening. 
Special thanks to Labyron Thomas Media for coming out and getting some footage of our event and an interview with our Bella Modeling School Mckinney President, Christine McGuiness and Vivify Boutique Owner Michel Marbel.
Such a great outcome and support for our Fall 2020 Graduation. Thank you all for making graduation night one magical and amazing night to remember!



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