Why Bella Modeling School Is #1 In DFW

Bella Modeling School offers an Elite Model Training Program to help jump start your modeling career. Learn from expert instructors to master industry techniques in print modeling, on camera speaking, runway modeling, and acting. We’re here to guide you in your exciting journey in discovering the world of Modeling!

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Real World Confidence

Our mission is to empower women and men of all shapes and sizes to be confident and comfortable in their own skin during this emerging shift of diversity in the modeling industry.

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Smaller Class Sizes

Classes at Bella Modeling School are kept purposely small. This allows each student to receive quality attention from their instructors and help them further develop their skills.

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Quality Modeling Portfolios

We work with a professional team to build our model’s their model portfolios based on what is being currently used in the modeling industry. Our experts provide professional hair and makeup, styling, and professional photography at every photo shoot as part of their experience with us. We showcase each model’s unique look in their portfolio, which will help better market them in this industry.

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Expert Instructors

Each of our instructors has years of experience in the modeling field and are currently still working in the industry. This allows us to teach up to date information and techniques used in the industry, and provide our models with opportunities and connections into the modeling world. Learn how to be a model with the support of experienced Instructors.

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5 Month Core Training Program

We offer a complete 5-month core training program that covers runway, print modeling, self-care, on camera speaking and model industry overview. After completing all course requirements, our students receive a diploma at graduation and walk away with a model portfolio, model resume, comp cards, and the knowledge and confidence needed to approach agencies or pursue freelance modeling.

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Master the runway with expert techniques to be confident walking in heels both on and off the catwalk.


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 Get to know your best angles, expressions and poses in front of the camera. We coach you with top industry leading techniques in posing for commercial, fashion and high fashion modeling. 


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In today’s modeling world, you have to not only be talented, but smart to be successful. Understanding the industry, agencies, contracts, types of modeling you’d be good for and how to market yourself are key. We also cover skin care, makeup application, wardrobe styling and fitness and nutrition to always have you looking your best!


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 We help you put what you learn into practice while building a quality, industry ready model portfolio. All our photo shoots come with an expert team of hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists and photographers to make it an easy and fun experience for you. You don’t have to be in our program to get your portfolio built with us. Book your headshot, commercial, fashion or high fashion shoots and try the Bella experience for yourself.


[csmx_icon_box icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-video-camera” title=”Commercial Acting” icon_size=”large” align=”center” icon_color=”#cccccc” icon_bg_color=”#000000″]The more well rounded you are as a model, the more opportunities you have! We offer Commercial Acting courses including Teleprompter training, TV hosting and Interviewing, Improv and Commercials Scripts. We even include a ready to go demo reel for you to start submitting for roles![/csmx_icon_box]
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Open Studio Memberships give you the flexibility and affordability to pursue your modeling goals. From beginner to advanced, you will have access to specialized instructors in Runway, Posing Techniques in Commercial, Fashion & High Fashion, and Improv allowing you to better your skills as a model.



What Our Clients Have To Say

[lvca_testimonials per_line=”3″][lvca_testimonial author=”Alice Laura” credentials=”Owner of Alice Laura Models Modeling Agency” author_image=”7303″]“Bella Modeling School is an excellent company. They really help you get started in modeling. From runway training, to on camera speaking, to building your model portfolio, they have everything covered. Estela works closely with big modeling agencies in Dallas and there is a big chance that you get signed with an agency right after graduation.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Susan Blevins” credentials=”Mother of Bella Modeling School Graduate” author_image=”7353″]“Bella Modeling School has been such a great experience for my daughter and myself. She has grown in self confidence and Bella provides amazing opportunities for growth in each class! All instructors are professional and beautiful and represent the industry in a professional manner. This has been a great, fun experience and I am proud my daughter is a “Bella girl”!

Thank you for the positive experience!”

[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Tucker Brown” credentials=”Bella Modeling School Graduate” author_image=”7301″]“Bella Modeling School truly cares about every student and their individual success. They are more than willing to personalize and tailor their teachings to fit each student and their particular needs. Christian Petrovich is extremely knowledgeable in the field of modeling as well as the business side of modeling. He goes above and beyond what is expected from him and takes pride in his students ability to progress. I highly recommend Bella Modeling School for anyone serious about pursuing a modeling career. After attending the school, I quickly signed with an agency and was fully prepared to get things rolling.”[/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]


Companies Our Students Have Worked With

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