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How to Land Your Audition!

     How to Land Your Audition!

Once stepping into the industry and owning your new title as a model, auditioning strategies are the next thing you want to conquer. Whether you are a freelance model or represented by a talent agency, be expected to attend auditions and castings frequently since this is the majority of the way you will book jobs when getting started in your modeling career. As a model, you are expected to look the part, walk the walk, but you also need to know what your ultimate goal in modeling is.

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So what does it take to land auditions?

It takes punctuality, practice, confidence and talent. For those who have never auditioned before, let’s get an understanding of what a casting and audition is. An audition means a performance by aspiring talent. You will more than likely audition for a speaking role or character modeling, while in a casting, it is usually the process of selecting talent. You will likely cast for most modeling jobs in print and runway, but audition for acting, singing, dancing, or commercial roles.

Now let’s keep in mind that every model has to start somewhere, and every audition you attend is very important when starting your career. Do not expect to be perfect, but do expect to put in hard work! Each audition and job will be for a different project and can open new doors for you.


How long does a casting typically last?


This will depend on the market you are in. Let’s look at Dallas vs Miami. Dallas is a commercial print market, while Miami is a mix between commercial and fashion. There are a lot more agencies and talent in Miami as oppose to Dallas. You can be successful in both markets, but it all depends on your look and the demand for it in that market. Even though Dallas is a smaller market, we still have high paying commercial clients and less competition in the industry, meaning a higher chance of booking the job you are casting for! When you attend a casting in Dallas, you typically will cast between 10-45 minutes max, while in Miami you can be at a casting anywhere from 30 minutes-3 hours. Ever wanted to travel as a model.



Because there are many other models competing for the same job as you, it is important to be prepared and land your audition because you only have one shot to make a first impression! Learn more on what to bring with you to a casting call and click here !

You also want to be punctual and plan accordingly to get there on time. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get there and account for things such as traffic, getting lost, or needing to stop for gas. Casting directors will not take into consideration these excuses because time is important and you as the talent should have planned accordingly. It is best to get to your audition/casting 10-15 minutes before your specific call time. Any agent or agency will advise the same.

Why is this important? Keep into consideration you may have to do or read something before your audition that you did not expect. Getting there early will allow you to prep and adjust accordingly. Clients do look at details of when you were supposed to be at the casting and when you actually got there. Being even one minute late can hinder a model from being picked if it came down to selecting a model who was on time vs one that was late.

Practice makes perfect!

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This comes from practicing your role for your audition or casting. For example, if you are casting for a runway show, it would be a good idea to practice your walk the day of or the day before in the heels you will be wearing for the casting so that you perform your best. If you have a commercial audition in which you have to read a script, you should practice reading it out loud a couple times with different voice inflections so that it flows easily or is memorized by the time you go to your audition. Effort shows and this will set you apart! Confidence and talent are the last things but the most important things you want to keep in mind in order to land your audition. The moment you walk in to the room people are always watching you. They want someone with great personality that commands everyone’s attention. This will make you memorable, which is key when talent is being finalized.


Casting directors tend to overlook talent that is too quiet, shy, nervous, or timid. If you show a lack of confidence, they will doubt your ability to perform. Have you ever heard the phrase fake it till you make it? It is important as a model to stay true to who you are but to also be able to turn your confidence level up a notch when needed.

Learn and practice the art of auditioning and casting along with learning all areas of modeling with the professional instructors at Bella Modeling School.

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