How to Get Signed to a Modeling Agency

Getting signed to a modeling agency is a great step toward building a long-term modeling career. It may look like an overnight accomplishment, but time, persistence, and preparation are among the top skills for successful models.

If joining a top modeling agency is on your list of goals, here are four ways to prepare for the journey.

  • Do your homework
    Don’t arrive to a modeling agency without doing your research — it makes a terrible first impression. Spend time learning about the modeling agencies in your area, including their requirements. If invited to an agency, studying ahead is a great way to ask questions and engage with decision-makers.
  • Show your experience
    If you’ve been modeling for some time, now is your opportunity to submit a resume and portfolio. Don’t rush while putting together your materials. You should be able to confidently share details about the photos you’ve selected and answer questions. You can submit your resume and portfolio via email; you can also bring a printed copy to an open call.
  • Go to school
    Getting experience takes time. Modeling school is one way to help you gain a head start, confidence, and industry connections. Many of our modeling school alumni are selected by agencies when they have completed the program. Research modeling schools in your area.
  • Show up well
    Bring your best to the table if you receive an invitation to interview at a modeling agency. Don’t worry — we can help. With our model training program, we’ll empower you to go from a beginner to an agency-ready model in five months. This preparation includes one of our top recommendations: arrive on time — and with confidence.

Here’s one reminder: Even the best models have been told “no.” Don’t be discouraged; remain persistent and submit your portfolio to multiple agencies. Navigate your adventurous modeling career with positivity and determination.

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