How to Prepare for Virtual Castings

Models are still being invited to casting calls, but things look quite different in 2020. Instead of waiting in a room with other aspiring models, you just might launch your modeling career with a virtual casting call at home.

As with any casting call, preparation is important. Use these tips to get started:

Providing a virtual submission

  • Avoid a busy background
    All eyes will be on you. To avoid distractions, record on a blank wall if indoors. If you choose to record outside, find a quiet space without a busy background.
  • Plan your lighting
    Finding the right lighting at home can be challenging. It’s best to test out settings before you are set to record. If indoor lighting is poor, choose a quiet outdoor space.
  • Nix the noise
    Record in a quiet place. Loud sounds and echoes can make it difficult to hear when reviewing your submission.

Preparing for a live or recorded session

  • Wear an all-black outfit
    The best color for this type of casting is black. Wear fitted clothes unless you are given other directions.
  • Master your makeup
    Looking for best practices on how to do your makeup for casting calls? We detailed our recommendations in a previous post. Read here.
  • Focus on your face
    Unless you are given additional directions, record from chest-level and up.

Practicing with technology

  • Don’t wait to download
    Before your scheduled call, download and install the software or programs that you will need.
  • Confirm the time
    Double-check the time — including the time zone of the scheduled session. If you have any questions or conflicts, communicate as soon as possible.
  • Charge, test, and connect
    Connect your computer or phone in advance to make sure your device is fully charged. Test your camera, sound, and wi-fi connection, too. Be prepared for the unexpected.

We’re teaching our models how to be successful — even in this social distancing season. Learn more about our model training program.

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