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How To Travel As a Model

How To Travel as a Model , Bella Modeling School
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Interested in getting that worldwide exposure as a model ? Do you know your different markets and how to market to them? Great opportunity lies ahead when you step out into the world. Ever hear the saying, “I have places to go, people to see, and money to make?” There is a world to see out there, so why not experience what the modeling industry has to offerEver wondered how to start traveling as a model? What other markets can I model in? First, you should determine if you want to travel in state, international, or both! There is a fascinating edge to traveling to other markets, however there is some information that needs to be recognized before you do so. 


How To Travel as a Model, Bella Modeling School

What does it take?  

First, it takes perseverance, patiencemarket knowledge, and connections. I will start off by saying, it’s not easy to start traveling as a model without the correct representation. The reason I say this, is many times other models who want to do the same thing and are not represented, are taking on a great risk when dealing with jobs and agencies in other states or even countries. On the other hand, when you have an agency, it’s a lot easier for them to get in contact with the right person and ask the right questions for youAgents will know the markets and will be able to determine what will be a good fit for their talent. Some of you may want to represent yourself, while others are interested in getting an agent. For those that have an agency, you won’t have to put in so much research into traveling for modeling. For those who want to represent themselves, you will need to do some research on your desired marketFind out how busy the market is expected to be and their average rates. Another important thing to look into is understanding what the market style is. Let’s give some examples. South Africa likes talent with tan skin, many Caucasian models have to get tans before going thereIn contrast, the Tokyo market likes really young, fresh faced, fair skinned models. There is a strong importance in doing your research, asking questions, and networking in order to find out important information about where you want to go. When you get an understanding of the market and what type of models the agencies go for ahead of timeyou will avoid wasting time and money 

How To Travel as a Model, Bella Modeling School

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So what should you do to get started traveling as a model and what are the steps needed? 



 If you are represented by an agent, then they are the ones you will want handling your placement. The agents handle the middle man work and set the talent up based off of their connections to other agencies. Most mother agencies are going to have sister agencies, which are just two agencies working together splitting agency fees per model for all bookings the sister agency gets themA mother agency should be where your home base is. If they send their model to work in LA with their sister agency, then the two would split the 20% agency fee which is 10% each on whatever the model books while working in LA. Mother agencies always gets the upper hand when it comes to their models. Another thing to keep in mind is your top agencies will always have model castings for agencies who come visit from other states and countriesWhen this happens, the only models that should attend these castings are ones committed to relocating temporarily. Now when I say temporarily, the expected time frame for a model to spend in another market is 1-2 weeks for short term, and 1-3 months for long term. There are big agencies that currently come to Dallas, New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Tokyo, South Africa, MilanoParis, Australia, and Hong Kong to select new models for their markets. So let’s say you get picked and have another agent interestedIt is recommended that you have an understanding of the agreement contract between the three of you (Mother agency, sister agency, and yourself)air fare compensation, housing expenses, and set casting and booking agendas before deciding to commit 

How To Travel As a Model. Bella Modeling School

 What should you expect with each of these items? 


For instance the agreement contract would incorporate where and for how long the model will be traveling for, what’s expected of them, rates, and any specific details. Models may agree to go somewhere, but it is up to the client or agency if they want them to and how much of the traveling expenses will be taken care of. Travel expenses can be deducted when the model books gigs, from the models agreed upon rate, or can be compensated for time. This means that a particular client will fund the travel session for working for them.  When it comes to housing, typically the sister agencies have what you call model homes. This is where models will stay with other traveling models during the stay. What if you are under 18 though and you need a legal guardian with you? Models under 18 who want to travel have to have a parent with them, and both you and that parent can stay in a model home. Sometimes housing isn’t always funded, so the model may have to pay or work out a deal with the agency to deduct from whatever jobs they book during their stay. If you are going to be making a commitment to staying somewhere for a few months, it is advised that you plan accordingly. You want to have some bookings already set up. You want to have an agenda of bookings planned out so you know you have some guaranteed income coming in. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation of being out of the country running low on money.  

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How To Travel As a Model, Bella Modeling School

Traveling out to different modeling industries is a fantastic experience and you learn so many things. You have the opportunity on meeting new people, experiencing culture, build connections, work for exclusive clients, and many more! 

You just want to make sure you are always safe, well prepared, and have all your details in order. Ready to start your modeling journey? Fill out an application by clicking here to get started today!

Make sure to always #Keepitbella ,

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