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What Are The Latest 2017 Spring Fashion Trends? | Fashion Blog

New season, new trends! Have you done your spring shopping yet? No? Perfect! Because I am about to give you some tips, and insight into the coolest fashion trends for this season. Spring 2017 is all about tamed bloom inspired prints: little flowers, bigger flowers, but nothing too crazy or wild, off the shoulder tops, cute neck scarves, and the top 5 colors that will be seen this Spring.

Have you seen all the amazing floral print dresses and shirts?

Looks like the CEO of Bella Modeling School, Estela Trevizo found a cute one and is wearing two trends in one! The off shoulder, and the floral dress. Estela had been telling me about a “cute” dress she had recently bought, and when she showed me I was like, “Oh my Oh my!” I loved it! I asked her where she got it, and I started looking for one myself. Sure enough, I was able to find one at where they have great options at great prices!

Fashion Trends

Bare Those Shoulders!

Off the shoulder tops are everywhere this season! Once again, we have our Bella Modeling School CEO rocking this awesome off shoulder top at a recent photo shoot for Game Day Divas. This look allows you to show some skin without being too much. How amazing does she look? You didn’t think the cold shoulder was going anywhere, did you? The options range from ’80s-inspired to boho chic. Perfect for the cool sunny patio days of Spring.

French Inspired Neck Scarves

Another trend that we have for this spring is the neck scarf. We saw all types of choker necklaces last season, and now are adding a twits. The cool thing about these scarves is that you can rock them with almost any style.

Here we have one of our Bella Modeling School students Erika Mora rocking a the latest spring trend! For example: Erika has a very edgy look topped with a light blue veil scarf that looks edgy but still put together. Just look at all these different styles you can wear with these scarves. Edgy, preppy, and super chic.

Top colors for Spring 2017 were shown on the runway at New York Fashion Week. Here is a list of the Top 5!

  • Dark salmon brings something new to the pastel palette, with coral undertones. Just like that dress our CEO Estela Trevizo is wearing.
  • Bluebell is one of the most essential hues of the season. Tones range from a cloudy shade to a slight aqua undertone.
  • Kale is in, reminding us of the great outdoors.
  • Primrose Yellow is another color that shapes up one of the spring/ summer 2017 color trends, and for good reason! This uplifting yellow is bound to be warm, sunny, and joyful!
  • Pink Yarrow is very bold and rich. During New York Fashion Week , Valentino seemed to be calling the shots and setting the trend with the Pink Yarrow. During his debut of the Pink Yarrow Festival, we saw a range of flowy dresses in this shade mixed with other pink tones. This Pink is sure to make you stand out!
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I love that these spring colors are bright and cheerful! Which spring trend are you looking to try? Floral prints, off the shoulder tops, neck scarves, or any of those styles mixed in with one of the season’s colors? Comment your favorite trend and leave a picture of how you will rock the newest trends for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page! Remember to #Keepitbella and stay tuned for more fashion tips from your very own Bella Stylist!


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