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Why Bella Modeling School is #1 in Dallas

We are passionate about creating a positive environment in which our students learn the skills needed to pursue their dreams in modeling. Bella Modeling School prides itself in the quality of work and education our experts offer. We are eager to get you started and see you grow!

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  • Building Real World Confidence

    Building Real World Confidence

    The program is designed to bring out the best version of each of our students. We work to help them grow and develop their skillsets by getting them try something new and get out of their comfort zone. These skills are intended to help them when going into their future careers and knowing how to present themselves to the world along with learning how to model in a fun environment.

  • Smaller Class Sizes

    Smaller Class Sizes

    Classes at Bella Modeling School are kept purposely small. This allows each student to receive quality attention from their instructors and help them further develop their skills.

  • Build a Quality Portfolio

    Build a Quality Portfolio

    We work with a professional team to build our model’s their model portfolios based on what is being used currently in the modeling industry. Our experts provide professional hair and makeup, styling, and professional photography as part of their experience with us. We showcase each models unique look in their portfolio, which will help better market them in this industry.

  • Work with Expert Instructors

    Work with Expert Instructors

    Each of our instructors has years of experience in their field and are currently still working in the industry. This allows us to teach up to date information on the industry, and provide our models with opportunities and connections into the modeling world.

  •  5 Month Core Program Training

    5 Month Core Program Training

    We offer a complete 5-month core training program that covers runway, print modeling, self care, and model industry overview. Our students receive a diploma at graduation after completing all the course requirements and walk away with a model portfolio, model resume, comp cards, and the knowledge needed to approach agencies or pursue freelance modeling.

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