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Can I Have More Than One Agency Representing Me?

Getting signed to an agency as a model is a very big and exciting step in a models career. This means more modeling opportunities and connections. A lot of models want to hit the ground running and get as much work as possible or go full time which leads them to want to get as much representation as possible. More representation=more opportunities and jobs, right? This is where you have to be careful and slow down to make sure you do things right as a model or even actor. Getting more agencies to represent you will all depend on each agency’s contract and more importantly your contract with your first agency. Each agency contract will have its differences from the other in terms of what area the agency can represent you in as well as if you are exclusive to them on representation or if you are non-exclusive and allowed to work with other agencies or find other jobs on your own.



Let’s try and keep it as simple as possible.



Each talent or model can have more than one agency representing them in different states or even cities. For example, the talent can be signed to one agency in Dallas as well as LA, Chicago, and Milan all at the same time. You have to check with your first agency as far as what areas they represent already so that you do not get a different agency for an area in which they are already working in. If you get two agencies in the same area and get booked for a job that both agencies had access to in that area, not only would you have to pay out 15-20% to each agency, but you could also risk getting dropped from both agencies if they were not aware of that or if you had originally had an exclusive contract with one.



Can I have more than one agency representing me?




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Also, some modeling agencies will not let their talent sign to any other agencies that border the state you sign in. For example if you are signed here in Texas you would not be able to get with another agency in New Mexico or Oklahoma. It is also common for agency contracts to state that you cannot sign to another Mother agency. Now for those who don’t know what a mothering agency is, this is your main agency. More than likely they will be your home based agency. A lot of the times, your mother agency may have relationships with agencies in different markets to make it easier for their models to be represented in different areas. Last but not least, some agencies may only represent models and not actors or not have an acting/film division. In that case, they will allow you to sign to another talent agency in the same state as long they represent you just for the acting and TV/ film division.


Another question that many have is if there is a limit to how many agencies you can have at once?


There is not a limit to how many agencies can represent you at one time, but keep in mind you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. You don’t want to be too busy with some agencies or in some areas, which will not allow you to work with the others.
On average, most talent is never signed to more than 3 or 4 agencies at a time. If you are working in multiple markets or cities, you will have to commit to being able to travel there for castings or bookings or live in the city for a minimum of 3 months at a time to really get a feel for how you book in that market. See our blog on how to travel as a model if you are able to make that type of commitment.


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It all comes down to this, before signing any contracts make sure that all details are communicated to you and make sure to ask these questions ahead of time if this is in your plans. If there are any confusions or concerns you have, it is good to get them all explained and addressed to avoid any issues down the line and to let your agency know what your goals are as a model.

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