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Facial expressions & proper body movement on camera, Get hands on practice and build a quality model portfolio!

Print Modeling PhotoShoot

Consists of mastering facial expressions and body posing, as well as how to move in front of a camera. We take a look at the different types of print modeling available and what techniques and expressions to use for each style of modeling.

Learn posing techniques used by professional models find the best poses for you!

  •  What to expect during a photo shoot
  • How to prepare for a photoshoot
  • What type of photos are needed for your model portfolio
  • Ways to be creative in your posing
  • Find your best sides
  • Proper body movements and posing based on modeling style
During our print training courses, we offer portfolio building with on set photo shoots. Photo shoots include professional photography, hair and makeup, styling, and direction during the shoot. All photo shoots are open sets, meaning the models are able to invite friends and family to be in attendance during the entire process. This helps get hands-on experience of what to expect, and get comfortable while being in front of the camera while building a quality model portfolio. Printed portfolios are delivered to the students at graduation.
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