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Walk confidently in heels! Master your model walk and learn the different walks used in the industry today.

 Runway Modeling Courses

This course consists of an intense approach when it comes to walking the runway. Learn to command a room by your walk and presence. There are key tricks used by today’s model professionals that can help you walk better, and more confidently in heels.

We take a look and practice different styles of walking for each type of show, as well as turns involved, and walking with accessories. You will also learn how a fashion show operates behind the scenes, what is expected from a model at all times, and best practices.

Graduation fashion showcase at the completion of the program for family and friends to showcase how far they have come! We have our models wear clothing from different designers/boutiques and invite local agents to allow the students to network with them. Many of our students have ended up getting signed this way!

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