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There's a lot that goes into modeling and it's important to build good habits to always look your best. Learn what the modeling industry is all about from today’s models, and learn how to get where you want to go!

Self Care For Men

Training includes: 

Skin Care and Proper Grooming:

Great skin is important in the modeling industry is very important. Knowing how to treat your skin based on your skin type, and getting a good skin care routine down is key! We also go over proper grooming for every day and when modeling.

Nutrition and Fitness:

Learn how to properly achieve your health goals. Our experts will teach you how to eat properly, and give you workouts to do that can easily be done at home.


Identify what fits you best to help you look the part and stand out. Learn key items to have in your model bag that will help you during photo shoots and fashion shows.

Industry Overview:

Learn the different types of modeling, how agencies work vs. freelance modeling, what materials are needed to have on hand when pursuing modeling, things to look out for and tips when entering the modeling industry. We encourage our students to get hands-on experience of the career they want to pursue, and give them access to castings in the area to help build their model resume! Some are for the experience but some are paid!

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