CLASS 0811

August 11, 2018 – January 19, 2019

Saturday’s 4-6 pm


Graduation Scheduled for March 2019

Welcome to Bella Modeling School!

Make sure to download your welcome packet located at the bottom right hand corner of this page. This will give you more information on what to bring to class!

Any questions: Call us at 972-755-9198



August 11- Intro to Modeling/Agencies Pt 1

August 18- Facial Expressions/How to Market Yourself

August 15- Intro to Body Posing- Micro & Macro Movements, combining face and body movements

No Class for Labor Day Weekend

September 8-  Combining face and body movements continued, Intro to commercial modeling

September 15- Styling, Photo Shoot Prep, Power Shoot

September 23- Teleprompter

September 29- Photo shoot prep/powershoot

October 7- Print 1 Photo Shoot

October 13 – Runway 1

October 20- Runway 2

October 27- Commercial Modeling Review, Intro to Fashion Modeling

November 3- Fashion Modeling Continued, Action Modeling, Posing with Accessories, Nutrition & Fitness

November 10- Resume Building, Castings, Power Shoot

November 17-  Agencies Pt 2/ Deeper Dive into Emotions

No Class for Thanksgiving Break

December 1- Runway 3

December 9- Print 2 Photo Shoot

December 15- Fashion Posing Review/ Intro to High fashion

Closed Dec 22 & 29 for Holiday Break

January 5- High Fashion Continued, Modeling with Accessories for High Fashion, Creating a Brand, Powershoot

January 13- Print 3 Photo Shoot

January 19 – High fashion review/Contracts/ final exam review (last day)

January 26- Exit Exam

Graduation Scheduled for March

* Schedule and Graduation Date are Subject to Change. Stay up to date by checking the online schedule.

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Photo Shoot Dates:
October 7, 2018 – Print 1: Digitals / Commercial
December 9, 2018 – Print 2: Fashion
January 13, 2019 – Print 3: High Fashion / Editorial

Print 1 Wardrobe and Photo Shoot Examples

Solid Colored Tops

They can be loose or fitted, just make sure they are solid colored. These photos are showcasing you primarily, not the clothing, so you don’t want the clothing to be a distraction.

Bella Modeling School Student
Bella Modeling School Student


If you have denim shirts or jackets, those are always classics for headshots. Make sure to bring them with you. They can be used over one of your solid colored tanks, or on their own.

Leather Jackets

These always add a little edge to your headshots without being over the top. If you have a cute leather jacket, bring it with you!

Bella Modeling School Student
Bella Modeling School


Make sure you bring jeans that do not have holes or different textures/designs on them. The more classic the look, the better for you to be able to use these long term without them looking too trendy for a season.

Professional Look

If you are in the professional field and could use a Linked In headshot or professional headshot, bring a couple blazers and solid colored blouses with you. We can add this in as your second look which will definitely come in handy when doing business!

Bella Modeling School Estela
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