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Saturday, August 12, 2016
2pm – 5pm

UNITED is a networking event uniting fashion, music, and people. On this day, let us not see the color of skin, but the color and beauty of fashion. Let us not hear the voice of one person, but the voice of several – singing. Let us not fight or argue, but talk, love, and network with one another. We need unity in our world and what better way to start than with our community here in Dallas, Texas!

We will also be collecting Back-to-School supplies (backpacks, paper, crayons, pens, etc.) for the children of Kaufman County Children’s Emergency Shelter and 10% of all ticket sales will also go to this charity. For more information go to A. Fern Norville Center.

One Day – One Event – One Community

Hosted by: Leah Frazier


Can’t wait to see some of our Bella Students walk the runway!

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What Do I Bring With Me To A Model Casting Call?

What Do I Bring With Me To A Model Casting Call?

A casting call, or go see, is an audition for a model for an upcoming photoshoot, commercial, fashion show, or another project in which a model will be needed. This may be an audition that is either an open casting, meaning anyone that meets the requirements can attend which can mean freelance models or agency models, or a closed casting for models that have been contacted directly to attend either by the client or their agency. As an aspiring model, you will be attending many casting calls to book your modeling jobs unless you get a direct booking from a client. We make sure our Bella Modeling School students know exactly what they will need and get them the right materials to be prepared and stand out for these modeling opportunities. 

         Models Wanted

So you have a model casting call coming up, but what should you take with you so you are fully prepared and ready to present yourself at the casting call? Being fully prepared as a model will show the casting team that you are ready and able to take advantage of the opportunity presented. People are watching you from the moment you walk in the door. Don’t get too nervous now! Nerves will always be there, but being well prepared, on time, and polished can help calm the nerves just a bit and give you an advantage at the casting.


So What Should You Make Sure To Bring With You?

First and foremost, you must bring your comp card or zed card. This is essential in any casting because it is how the casting directors will remember you and refer back to you for your booking information and measurements. It is the most important item to bring with you to leave behind with the casting team. After a long day of casting, the team may only refer to comp cards to make final selections, and if you didn’t bring one with you, then you’re close to being forgotten for this job. This is a crucial thing to have and something we help our Bella Modeling School students build while with us with the right photos needed for the type of modeling they want to pursue and their age.

What do I bring to a Casting Call?

Are You Interested In Modeling? Bring Out The Best Version of Yourself



Another thing to bring which is just as important is your modeling/acting resume. This is so that you are able to show and talk about your past experiences in modeling or acting, and the gigs you have been a part of. Many casting directors like to know what areas you have experience in, and if your past experiences can relate to the booking they are casting for. We help our Bella Modeling School students prepare their resumes with us even if they have had no experience yet!


There are few times you will need to show your model portfolio at a casting, but always keep it in your model bag in case the opportunity arises where they will want to see it.
What do I bring with me to a model casting call


Always bring or wear neutral color undergarments. This is important because you never know what type of garments you may have to try on. I would strongly recommend a nude strapless bra for the ladies since it is the most versatile when trying on garments. Gentlemen, this one is not needed for you.


You also want to bring with you an extra pair of heels, or dress shoes for men. Make sure the heels you are wearing and the heels you bring as extra are in neutral shades and different heights. They could really come in handy when attending a casting.


Bring make up for light touch-ups. This applies to the Gentlemen too. Right before you go in, it is a good idea to touch up. They may have you speak on camera, or take pictures of you at the audition so you want to make sure you are always ready! You can read about how to do your hair and makeup for a casting call here.


Now keep in mind that auditions can be time-consuming at times so make sure you are prepared and bring an extra snack with you for energy!
  • Remember castings and auditions are a time to shine, show your personality, and most importantly have fun! You want them to remember what you bring to the table and what you will present if booked for the job.

Here are a few extra tips:


I cannot stress how important it is to arrive early to your audition. So many things can come up and delay your trip there, so you want to plan extra time for anything that could happen. Casting teams look at what time you were scheduled and what time you arrive, and that can affect if you get booked. Think about it, they want to book a reliable model who will show up on time the day of the booking. Any delay can mean BIG delays the day of a big job, which can cost the production team lots of $$$ for the time lost.



You’re an aspiring model, so make sure to look the part! Showing up properly groomed and dressed is very important to the way you are perceived. Always carry extra clothes and heels in your model bag just in case you get a last minute casting and are needing to change beforehand. Make sure you’re hands and feet are always well manicured and painted in a neutral color, your hair is done, your makeup is done in the casting call look, and you are wearing well fitted clothes with heels. Everyone there will be taking this in mind and come ready, so take the time to step it up before a casting.


What do i bring with me to a model casting call

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Being fully prepared as a model will help you come off as professional and be taken more seriously in the modeling industry. As an aspiring model, especially new to the industry, you may have to attend a lot of castings before getting booked. Don’t be discouraged, you just have to be persistent! You’ll hear a lot of no’s, but those few yes’s are what will get you to your next level. Once you start booking jobs, it will be like a snowball effect and you’ll be on a role! Always know that each job booked is an opportunity to learn, network, and grow as a model, so take full advantage of that as you continue your modeling career!

Learn more about castings and additional items to bring with you, what will set you apart in this industry, and learn the skills needed to showcase your talents and take you to the next level by enrolling at Bella Modeling School. Apply Here!
Remember ladies to always Keep it Bella!

Estela Trevizo

CEO & Founder at Bella Modeling School

What do I bring with me to a casting call

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How Should I Do My Hair and Makeup When Going To A Casting or Go-See?

So, you have a casting or go-see coming up and want to make sure you do arrive with the right hair and makeup for it.  Let’s keep in mind that casting directors like to see the real you. They like to see the natural you. Not the just rolled out of bed you, they want their talent to show up with a minimal makeup but yet still presentable. The reason for this is because they may have a specific look in mind for their talent, and if you come with full faced make up it can be hard for the bookers to imagine the look they are going for on you. Keep in mind, it is always easier to add to your look as opposed to taking away from it.

So What Is a Modeling Industry Natural Make Up Look?

Bella Girl Delaney


Let’s discuss some examples of what natural makeup would consist of. All you need is concealer to cover up any blemishes or uneven skin tones, a light coat of mascara to define your eyes on camera, and chap stick or a neutral tone lip gloss. For those who need a little more coverage, a BB cream like this one from IT Cosmetics. would be something to have on hand. Remember, natural is in trend in this industry and it’s best to apply just enough to highlight key areas of the face.



Take The First Step Towards Becoming a Model. Download a FREE Modeling Guide Now

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What Should I Do With My Hair?

Bella Girl Andrea

If your hair is naturally curly, go to your casting with your curls. Make sure to touch up a few curls, and any frizz, to give you a more polished look. For those who have straight hair, run the straighter through a few times to get rid of any loose hairs. Avoid heavy products such as gels and hairsprays. If you have thick heavy hair and need a little product to hold your hair in place, it’s best to go with the bare minimum or a light hold hair spray like this one from Bumble and Bumble. Take a pony tail holder with you in case they want to see you with your hair pulled back.


Remember it’s all about the real you!


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Kristie Mays, Bella Instructor

Kristie has been in the modeling industry for over 6 years. She is represented by multiple agencies all over the world including Texas, New York, Turkey, and London. Kristie has been in many magazines covers such as Cosign Magazine, Wedded Bliss, Star Zone, Pump Magazine, Surreal Beauty, Fashion Faces, Alpha Fashion and has modeled for brands such as Plus One Optics, All-Star Cheerleading, Davids Bridal, Argos, Asherah Swimwear, Dany Atrache, Krimson and Klover, Top Golf, Dillards, Demerara, Height Goddess, Adonia Green, Pratiksha Jewelry, and walked in multiple runway shows. She is currently representing the USA as Miss Bikini US 2016 and will be competing for Miss Bikini Universe in the near future. Kristie has a variety of skills and knowledge she is bringing to the Bella team and she is excited to pass on her knowledge to our students!

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