The Body Positivity Movement:
Changing Beauty Standards to Include Us All

It was 2012 and the unrealistic body standards of the world of fashion and the perception of the human body had started to change. The Body Positive Movement had begun to plant the seeds of challenge into the collective conscience on how society had viewed the human body up to that point. The movement’s main premise was that all bodies are beautiful, regardless of their shape, size, and appearance.

By addressing the body standards of the time, the movement attempted to help people who did not conform to said standards, build their confidence and accept their own bodies, while at the same time trying to teach people to accept all body types and put an end to plus-sized shaming and other forms of body discrimination.

But the Body Positive Movement did not start in 2012, it just came to a head at that time. Long before, during the 1960s Size Acceptance Movement, the first attempts to change the way people perceived body shape and size were made. In 1969, the National Association to Advance Size Acceptance was established, and it continues to work towards ending body shape discrimination even today.

As a consequence of the work of the previous decades, in 2009 Australia became one of the first countries to ban super skinny models, and in 2015, France followed suit.Today, the most beautiful models in the world come in all shapes and sizes, helping to improve the self-confidence of plus-size people all over the planet.

Slowly, but surely, with each new generation, the perception of beauty has changed,and today we have learned to accept others regardless of how heavy or how differently shaped they are. Even so, there is still a long road ahead of us, and at bellamodelingschool.com we work with our clients so they can enjoy the body they have, regardless of how time and natural circumstances change the way it looks.Bodies are always evolving and changing, whether as a consequence of pregnancy,age, or a person’s choices. Our goal is to allow you to feel confident and beautiful regardless of your size or shape, while learning simple techniques that will help you feel more comfortable within your own skin, which in turn will boost your self-confidence and allow you to love the way you look.

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