Bella Modeling School in Dallas and Mckinney Offer The Best Training in Modeling, Acting, Pageantry and Voice Overs. Work With Model and Acting Industry Experts to Help Jump Start Your Modeling & Acting Career. Reach Your Full Potential and Take The First Step Towards Discovering the Exciting World of Modeling and Acting With Us Today!

Real World Confidence

Our Mission Here at Bella Modeling School is to Empower Women and Men of all Shapes and Sizes to be Confident in Their Own Skin During This Emerging Shift of Diversity in The Modeling Industry. Confidence is Key to Modeling & Acting Success!

Small Class Sizes

Classes at Bella Modeling School are kept Small on Purpose. This Allows Each Modeling & Acting Student to Receive Quality Attention from their Modeling & Acting Instructors to Help Them Further Develop Their Skills in Modeling & Acting.

Sets You Apart In The Model & Acting Industry

As an Aspiring Model or Actor, There is a lot to Learn! Modeling & Acting Success Comes Easier When You Are Educated & Trained on How The Modeling & Acting Industry Works and The Skills Needed to Perform at a Professional Modeling & Acting Level.

Expert Modeling & Acting Instructors

Each of Our Modeling & Acting Instructors Have Both Years of Modeling & Acting Experience and are Currently Working in the Modeling & Acting Industry. This Provides You With The Most Up-to-Date Modeling & Acting Training and Information so You are Fully Prepared With Today's Modeling & Acting Industry Standards & Set Up For Success!

Provides Connections Into The Modeling & Acting Industry

Bella Modeling School is Very Well Connected to Modeling & Acting Agencies to Help Our Graduates Find Placement After Completion of Our Model or Acting Training Program. Graduating Students Get to Meet With Modeling & Acting Agents at Their Graduation From Bella Modeling School. This Has Served as a Huge Platform for Many of Our Modeling & Acting Graduates to Enter The Modeling & Acting Industry & Begin Working as Professional Models & Actors Right Away!

Real World Confidence

Our mission is to empower women and men of all shapes and sizes to be confident and comfortable in their own skin during this emerging shift of diversity in the modeling industry.

Smaller Class Sizes

Classes at Bella Modeling School are kept purposely small. This allows each student to receive quality attention from their instructors and help them further develop their skills.

Sets You Apart As A Model

As an aspiring model, there is a lot to learn! There is a difference in your modeling success when you are educated on the industry and how it works.

Expert Instructors

Each of our instructors has years of experience in the modeling field and are currently still working in the industry. This allows us to teach up to date information and techniques used in the industry, and provide our models with opportunities and connections into the modeling world. Learn how to be a model with the support of experienced Instructors.

Provides Connections Into The Industry

Bella Modeling School has connections with many local modeling agencies that attend our student graduations. This has served as a huge platform for many of our graduates to enter the industry right away!

Our Services

Our 5 Month/120 Hour Model Training Program Is The #1 Choice In Dallas And McKinney For Aspiring Models. We Teach You Everything You Need To Know To Be Successful In Your Modeling Career. Our Model Training
Program Includes Plenty Of Hands On Practice So Our Students Master The Skills Needed For Professional Modeling Jobs. We Also Offer In House Photo Shoots So Our Students Have Modeling Agency Standard Photos Needed When Applying To Modeling Agencies Or Submitting To Modeling Jobs. Bella Modeling School Works Very Closely With Modeling Agencies To Make Sure Everything Taught Is Up To Date With Todays Modeling Industry Standards.

Commercial Acting Course

During This 6 Week/18 Hour Commercial Acting Course, You Will Learn The Skills Needed To Become A Successful Actor/Actress & Break Out Of Your Shell! We Will Go Over Acting Basics, Commercial Scripts, Monologues, On Camera Practice And Feedback And Even Film A Demo Reel Once You Complete The Course!

Model Photo Shoot Experience

Our Model Photo Shoot Experience Is Open To Both Our Students And Non-Students Who Want To Experience What It’s Like To Be A Model For A Day! Photo Shoots Include A Full Team With Professional Hair & Makeup, Wardrobe Styling, Photographer And On Set Posing Coach! Select From Modeling Or Acting Headshots, Corporate Headshots, Fashion And High Fashion Photo Shoots. Have A Concept In Mind? Let Our Team Make That Come To Life!

Highly Recommend

“Bella Modeling School truly cares about every student and their individual success. They are more than willing to personalize and tailor their teachings to fit each student and their particular needs. Christian Petrovich is extremely knowledgeable in the field of modeling as well as the business side of modeling. He goes above and beyond what is expected from him and takes pride in his students ability to progress. I highly recommend Bella Modeling School for anyone serious about pursuing a modeling career. After attending the school, I quickly signed with an agency and was fully prepared to get things rolling.”

Tucker, Bella modeling school male model student from our dallas location

Tucker Brown Bella Modeling School Graduate

Amazing Opportunities for Growth

“Bella Modeling School has been such a great experience for my daughter and myself. She has grown in self confidence and Bella provides amazing opportunities for growth in each class! All instructors are professional and beautiful and represent the industry in a professional manner. This has been a great, fun experience and I am proud my daughter is a “Bella girl”! Thank you for the positive experience!”

Susan, mother of a bella modeling school graduated model from our dallas location.

Susan Blevins Mother of Bella Modeling School Graduate

Big Chance That You Get Signed

“Bella Modeling School is an excellent company. They really help you get started in modeling. From runway training, to on camera speaking, to building your model portfolio, they have everything covered. Estela works closely with big modeling agencies in Dallas and there is a big chance that you get signed with an agency right after graduation.”

Alice Laura from Alice Laura Modeling Agency in Dallas

Alice Laura Owner of Alice Laura Models Modeling Agency


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