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Acting is one of those skills that can open many doors and opportunities. As both a model and actor, you will have more opportunities to work in the industry. Agencies now look for well-rounded talent to represent as this helps push your career even further. Bella Modeling School offers an industry leading acting classes in Dallas, McKinney and Atlanta for aspiring actors or actors that want to grow in their skills. From commercial acting to tv/film acting, you can do it all! Our acting instructors have real acting world experience and serve as an inspiration to what you can accomplish.

Go after your acting goals

We are passionate about training tomorrow's big stars

We are passionate about training tomorrow's top models

Acting Courses

Commercial Acting

  • Fundamentals of Acting
  • Overview of the Commercial Acting Industry
  • Auditioning & Self Tapes
  • Teleprompter

Advanced Acting

  • Advanced improv
  • Development in characters, Monologues & Voice
  • Peer to peer and instructor feedback
  • Partner reading
  • Script analysis

Acting Tools

  • Commercial Acting Headshots
  • Theatrical Headshots
  • Demo Reels
  • Agency Meet & Greet

Ready to jumpstart your Acting career?


Emily G. Ella’s parent

"Unfamiliar with modeling and the acting industry, Bella’s was MY dream come true because it gave me a chance to let my daughter seek her dream when I didn’t know how. The instructors taught her everything she needs to know to be successful and to continue pursuing her dream. It takes a village, and the instructors at Bella’s are definitely part of ours. "

Kimberly S

"Bella acting classes have been an excellent place to learn the fundamentals of acting. I enjoyed every class. They truly work to create a safe and welcoming environment. I had no acting experience whatsoever and not once did I feel uncertain. Thank you Bella for an amazing acting experience! "


"The Bella studio is one of the greatest stepping stones in becoming a model and acting. My daughter wanted to try out modeling, and being a single Dad not knowing anything about the industry I started doing some google research. I'm so relieved that I found this school. "


"The other day my 10-year-old told me, "I love modeling class because I feel like I can really be myself." This is not something I would have associated with modeling before and it makes me very happy because I was a bit worried at first about letting her go in this direction. Bella is so inclusive and nurturing. My daughter is one of the youngest, but never feels out of her league. "


"I highly recommend Bella Modeling School. They have much to offer if you are interested in being a model. They truly care about each and every student. They work with each student to enhance their talent while building confidence. "


"I highly recommend Bella Modeling School! This has been an excellent program for my teenage daughter. Christiana and her staff are wonderful! "

Have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of questions for our students who want to enroll in our school. We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions.

How often do acting classes start?

We start new acting classes about every 3 months.

When are the classes held?

Acting classes are held once a week for 2 hours.  Contact your nearest location for exact dates and times available.  

Can I do a Demo Reel or Acting Headshots without doing the all-inclusive acting program?

We do have the option to add those on separately.

How do I participate in the agency meet and greet as an actor?

To qualify, you must submit your monologue for approval after completion of your classes. There is a fee to participate if selected.

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