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Can I Become A Model?

  Can I Become a Model? That’s a great question! The answer is yes, but the type of modeling you should pursue depending on what you are wanting to do in modeling and which categories you fit the look and fit for.  There are many different categories in the modeling industry, but what is the difference between them all? What categories do you fall in to, and how do you know what type of modeling you should be pursuing? These are all very common questions new aspiring models have when considering entering the modeling industry. I know I had a lot of the same questions myself when…

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How to Land Your Audition!

     How to Land Your Audition! Once stepping into the industry and owning your new title as a model, auditioning strategies are the next thing you want to conquer. Whether you are a freelance model or represented by a talent agency, be expected to attend auditions and castings frequently since this is the majority of the way you will book jobs when getting started in your modeling career. As a model, you are expected to look the part, walk the walk, but you also need to know what your ultimate goal in modeling is. Your goal is to land…

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How Should I Do My Hair and Makeup When Going To A Casting or Go-See?

 So, you have a casting or go-see coming up and want to make sure you do arrive with the right hair and makeup for it.  Let’s keep in mind that casting directors like to see the real you. They like to see the natural you. Not the just rolled out of bed you, they want their talent to show up with a minimal makeup but yet still presentable. The reason for this is because they may have a specific look in mind for their talent, and if you come with full faced make up it can be hard for the…

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Tips on Getting the Perfect Model Headshot

It might sound simple, but your headshot is THE most important photo and the first photo you should have as an aspiring model. The better the headshot, the better gigs and opportunities you are able to take advantage of. Agencies and clients don’t want to see what you look like on a night out on the town, because it’s hard for them to picture what you look like any other way. They want to see how you look naturally so they know what they are working with to begin with. Here are some tips on how to achieve the perfect…

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