Tips On Getting The Perfect Model Headshot

diverse headshots of models and actors from bella modeling school

Ultimately, your modeling headshot will be the most important photo you will have in your portfolio when pursuing your career in the modeling industry. We are providing you with some tips on how you can get the perfect model headshot and things to keep in mind! To begin with, this is the main photo you will be using for your castings and auditions. So, clients want to see the real you!

Here are some tips on getting the perfect model headshot!


  • A professional hair, makeup and photography team will make a huge difference when taking your headshots. Not only does this take the stress off of you for such an important day, but it allows you to learn from the team and gain valuable insights during your session. Additionally, this will set you up for success in getting your perfect model headshot.
  • To start, look at their portfolios to make sure they have done modeling headshots before. After all, an experienced team will help with guiding you to achieve the industry standard headshots you seek and may even have industry contacts to connect you with.


  • As can be seen, makeup for headshots is very clean and minimal. In short, you don’t want to go in front of the camera with a full glam look but you also don’t want to go bare faced either. In essence, a good headshot makeup artist look will cover any blemishes, dark circles and even out your skin tone. Additionally, they can bring out your natural features with mascara and a light blush, make sure your lips don’t look dry or chapped and are a natural tone. Remember, the camera picks up everything (including how you feel)!
3 model headshots showing the hair and makeup recommended for your perfect model headshot.
  • In general, hair for your headshots should be your natural curls, soft waves or straight hair. Ideally, it should be a cleaned up look like how you wear your hair on a daily basis and how you will wear it when showing up to castings.
  • To start, wardrobe for model headshots should be simple and not distracting. To begin with, this can be a black or white solid fitted top, jean jacket, or a top in a neutral solid color. Straightaway, you want to stay away from patterns, textures or logos. All in all, this helps avoids any distractions and your photos from getting “outdated” too quickly.


  • Once you are on set, make sure to give different facial expressions and angles. To start, try soft closed smiles and work your way up to a full teeth smile. Overall, just remember avoid giving the same look/expression the whole shoot. Remember, this is a great time to see how you photograph and select the best expressions for you.
  • Sure, it’s easy to get tense or doubtful once you are in front of the camera, especially as a beginner. However, make sure to let the team know of anything that can help you feel comfortable. In fact, it helps when you play music during the shoot, build rapport and even receive feedback from the team. Also, it helps seeing how some of the images are turning out so you can make adjustments as needed. Click here to read our 10 tips on how to appear more confident in your photos.

You can definitely get a team together to do your model headshots on your own, but we would LOVE to help! Our photo shoots come with a full team of hair and makeup, photographer, wardrobe stylist and posing coach. Learn more about our 5-month model training program and how we help our graduates succeed in the modeling world.